The Plan


Reinvesting in Trenton Park is a huge health and wellness opportunity.

 The redevelopment of Trenton Park would serve as the first public endorsement of the population health model approach for this region. This project is an important grass-roots health care initiative that addresses our changing social values, allowing for meaningful participation of the community to take care of its members as a whole. With high rates of physical inactivity, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer in Nova Scotia, it is crucial that initiatives are advanced that promote active and healthy lifestyles. The advancement of this project will provide immense benefit to residents of Pictou County by allowing for better inroads to improved mental, social, spiritual, and physical health, regardless of age, skill, or financial circumstance. The ability for all Nova Scotians to be afforded the opportunity to live an active and healthy lifestyle within their own community should be a priority if not a basic standard!


Potential for Growth

Trenton Park has the potential to be a key anchor in promoting Pictou County as an exciting nature and play space destination for both visitors and permanent residents in Nova Scotia. With a population of over 650,000 within a two hour drive, Trenton Park is ideally situated for day trips and is likely to attract a large number of individuals and families to the area.  Once redeveloped, the park will represent a major strength for the region in its effort to attract year-round tourism traffic as well as businesses and individuals looking to settle in the community.

Aside from contributing to the long-term growth of the local tourism industry and obvious increase to market-based transactions, expenditure in a recreational facility such as Trenton Park will contribute to the diversification of the economy as well as provide the foot traffic necessary to increase a variety of economic opportunity.  As the only recreational facility of its kind within Pictou County, a refurbished Trenton Park  will become a place of pride for Trenton as well as the entire Pictou County community providing tremendous benefit to the collective region.


The crucial components:

Aqua Fun-Zone

swimming girls

A Signature Playground

girl in playground


         A Dog Park         

dog with ball

Nature Conservatory


Trails, Trail and more trails..




 plot plan