Project Progress

As you may have noticed a new and improved Trenton Park is now, officially in the works. Recently, Higgins Construction, a local Trenton construction company, has broken ground on the much-anticipated revitalization of the Town’s prized-jewel, Trenton Park.

The Hemlock Group, a not-for profit society of eleven skilled community-minded individuals, alongside The Town of Trenton, New Glasgow, Stellarton, Pictou and the Municipality of Pictou County worked to secure 3.4 million from the federal and provincial governments to complete the upgrades.

"We have worked hard to ensure that we have kept Trenton Park as close to its roots as possible by simply enhancing the structures and services within, where possible." - John Charlton, Project Manager and Senior Project Manager, Design and Construction, Eastern Canada with Crombie REIT and member of the Hemlock Group.

Design work for this project was awarded to the Glenn Group from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Glenn Group is a full-service landscape architectural design firm. The company has a strong vision for a highly functional, accessible and sustainable park that will serve residents for decades to come. Drawing on their many years of experience, the Glenn Group, worked alongside the Hemlock Group and the Town of Trenton to determine the best plan for the park restoration. Using research completed by the Hemlock Group, and a series of public consultations carried out by Trenton in 2012, the Glenn Group have created an organic, welcoming design that will provide year-round opportunity for the community.

"The park, once completed, will be a premier outdoor tourism destination for our County and we are incredibly fortunate to have achieved a partnership with the Towns of Trenton, New Glasgow, Stellarton, Pictou and the Municipality of Pictou County along with the Provincial and Federal Government to secure funding for this large scale capital project." - Cindy MacKinnon, Vice Chair of the Hemlock Group and Managing Director of the Regional Tourism Destination Marketing Association, DEANS.

The project has been separated into three different stages:

Phase One – currently underway is scheduled to be complete in December 2020. This phase includes:

  • parking expansion, doubling the current parking capacity, allowing more residents the opportunity to use the Park
  • the creation of a safe drop-off zone, with improved lighting and new pedestrian walkways
  • new picnic seating area near the Canteen building, accessible walkways, shaded seating, and washrooms
  • new signage to create a new welcoming entrance (The iconic metal gates will find a new home in the secondary parking area, allowing for the history of the park to be properly showcased)
  • a splash pad with a focus on accessibility
  • multiple accessible shaded seating areas
  • a new gazebo building to allow for a communal gathering space.
  • extensive upgrades to the pool area


Phase Two – is scheduled to begin later this fall and will be comprised of:

  • upgrades to main office building and canteen
  • improvements to pool building
  • completion of new public washroom facility


Phase Three – is slated to begin in spring 2021 and will include:

  • enhanced trails
  • improved amphitheater
  • new seating
  • landscaping
  • new signage
  • creation of dog park

 "Were it not for Mayor Shannon MacInnis and Councillors Earle, Stewart, and Dove, this project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground. We owe them much gratitude and are very excited about the benefits this will bring to the Town of Trenton as well as the opportunities this will present for the entire community." - Jen Bethell, Chair of the Hemlock Group.