Trenton Park

Trenton Park is a Pictou County Treasure

IMG 8071 lakeTrenton Park is owned and operated by the Town of Trenton and is one of their greatest community assets.  Located on the northern border of the Town, the park offers a beautiful and safe environment for the residents of Pictou County to engage in an active and healthy lifestyle. Centrally located in Pictou County, the park has many attributes that lend itself to renovation and development including its size, ecology, and existing infrastructure. At just over 560 acres, the park is the largest public green space in Pictou County and is the ideal location to develop into a signature destination that would serve the collective region for decades to come.

It is extremely important for the Town of Trenton to focus on the continued development and maintenance of this valuable asset which will aid in the growth of the entire community. To that end, the restoration of Trenton Park will provide Pictou County with a comparatively low-cost opportunity for growth and prosperity in the region. Recognizing that the park has never been truly developed to its full potential, the Town of Trenton is very excited to establish the park as an amenity that would vastly improve quality of place in Pictou County.